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by emyli marie


Writing and movement are the first known expressions known to man. One could say it is our native language, no matter who we are or where we come from in the world.
There was a time when we had the ability to gain wisdom and healing as we tended to our hearts in movement, writing and song. These were our rituals, once celebrated, once honored. This deep knowledge is inherent within us all, like the ancient roots of a tree, grounding us to the Earth. 
Write & Move to Heal is a creative space to help you tune into your own inner landscape through the power of prompt and mindful movement. Reconnecting to our wild and native roots, we discover our true self, our vision, our dreams, our passion and purpose. 
Together, we feel to heal. 
When we heal ourselves, our stories can heal the world. 
Are you ready to write and move with me? 

love, emyli. 

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