What your relationship with plants have to say about you.

Not much of a secret these days but I used to be a plant killer. Not even cactus would survive under my care.⁣

Still, I would keep buying these babies hoping that things would change. Also, my mother is a talented florist and plant enthusiast. Surely, I thought to myself- there must be some kind of gift or genetic coding in me that I have yet to unlock.
In the beginning, like most young and aspiring plant lovers, I kept overwatering my plants. ⁣
It wasn’t until quarantine last year that I began to see that the relationship I had with my plants also mirrored the relationship I had with myself. When I was unhappy, I drowned myself with external things that I didn’t need, thinking it would bring me more joy. We are all guilty of this. We reach out for things that feel easy, we don’t sit in our discomfort long enough, and we certainly don’t know how to listen to our bodies anymore. ⁣
Plants need the right amount of water and sunlight under your care, as well as love, compassion and patience. Sometimes plants need their space, and sometimes they need time to settle in. ⁣
That is the recipe for plants to thrive.⁣
We aren’t any different from plants. It turns out what I needed wasn’t more water (though some of it is always good) but what I truly needed was more self-love, compassion, and patience.⁣

Plant Journaling Prompts

If I was a plant, how can I nurture myself the right kind of love, compassion and patience?⁣
What does self-love for me look like? ⁣
What is the kind of compassion I need? ⁣
In what ways can I give myself more patience? ⁣
If sun/water is food for plants, what kind of food does my body need to thrive?⁣
From my journal today,⁣


love, emyli.