boundaries: a poem

You are not responsible ⁣from rescuing others to experience ⁣what they need in order to grow...

these days
women are “selfish” 
seeking for boundaries
between work and life, 
and for choosing to honor 
the needs of her mind and body.

it’s not easy to say no, 
and doing this takes great courage—
leading with the heart,
instead of living in the mind, 
manipulated by past traumas
(domesticating our wild nature.)

never let anyone 
embroider their stories onto you 
to make you feel less of a person, 
for choosing yourself first
and giving your boundaries a powerful voice, 
instead of always being agreeable and amenable.

if we give ourselves permission
to bring life to those boundaries, 
then we must honor others’ 
the freedom to feel their own.

you are not responsible 
from rescuing others to experience 
what they need in order to grow.

you do not have to set yourself on fire, 
in order to keep others warm.

create the foundation to our wellbeing.

it having the courage to love ourselves
in the midst of trying to live by 
someone else’s choices. 

when we learn 
how to create and hold space for ourselves, 
only then can we empower others to do the same. 

love, emyli.