Hi, I’m Emyli (she/her)

I'm an Artist, Writer and Teacher.
My mission is to empower women to heal
through writing and movement rituals.

For many years, I have cultivated a writing and movement practice that has helped me find my way back home to myself.

Fascinated by the way our words can hold and harness so much power, I began studying writing as therapy to understand the deeper layers to our inner psyche and conditioning.

As I unfolded the wounds of my own becoming, my yoga practice became more gentle and restorative in the process. It was here that I discovered an inner strength that can be found even in softness, as I realigned with my divine purpose to guide and to serve.

"Who would have thought that our words could lead us back to our hearts and that we can heal the mind and body by simply learning how to breathe?"

The Wounded Child.

I was ushered out of my mother’s womb 
without creating a single sound. 

Throughout my childhood, I struggled with perfectionism, anxiety and depression.

I leaned upon my distraught mother as she suffered from domestic abuse, 
which left me feeling unworthy and undeserving of love. 

Many of these unresolved, emotional traumas manifested as tension around my heart,
and created the distortion of my spine as scoliosis. 

Even today, it is hard for me to find the words to bring up the
memories of my childhood, 
as there are no words that can hold these experiences.
For many years I masqueraded my pain behind a smile, 
though inside I felt completely isolated, desperate to be held for who I am.

Aren’t we all just wounded children
living in adult bodies?

“I believe that we all have a deep desire to feel connected to something that feels close to how we felt in our mothers womb, where for once we felt ‘safe.'”

The Wounds of our Great Mothers

Words poured from my pen more at ease 
than it could slip from my lips.

The Artist.

As a shy and introverted child, writing became a refuge—
a place where my feelings felt safe, seen and heard.

My love for writing started when I was 7, when all I wanted to do was to make books. I carried a small notebook with me and wrote everywhere I could— on the bus ride to work and as my companion on an evening stroll.

Journaling was my boudoir, a sacred place to undress my thoughts to feelings; which has become a language very few understand.

I wrote to find my people— though in a strange way, who I truly found was myself.

Writing was a way to help me navigate life through inquiry, storytelling and conversation. Something magical happens when we create the space for our feelings to be seen. We become the Artist, the channel of our inner sanctum.

"I wrote to find my people— though in a strange way, who I truly found was myself."

The Teacher.

Movement (yoga) explores how we live and feel in our bodies.

At the beginning of my yoga journey, I found myself falling into a destructive pattern of trying to be perfect.

The more I moved through yoga, meant that more wounds were opening. It meant undoing everything that I thought I was and becoming the love that would set me free.
The greatest lesson I’ve learned in yoga is that

as the student you are your own greatest teacher,
and the teacher is only your guide.

For the Wild Woman.

"I cannot be free, while any women is unfree, even if her shackles are different than my own."


Like many women who’ve become domesticated into the narratives of others, we’ve forgotten the voice of our own cries—a wild and instinctive force that is creative, powerful and divine. We are at a time where we need each other more than ever, to hold space in our hearts, to remind and remember who we are.
I believe that we are all connected in our traumas, and that “we are all walking each other home,” Ram Dass. The  journey begins through healing the collective of all wombmen, where we write and move from a place of Wilderness, into Wholeness. 

love, emyli