Hi, I’m Emyli (she/her)

I'm an Artist, Writer and Teacher.
My mission is to empower women to heal
through writing and movement rituals.

For many years, I have cultivated a writing and movement practice that has helped me find my way back home to myself.

As humans, we belong to such a resilient species, yet somehow we are not immune to suffering. We all carry traumas in some shape or form, whether we are conscious of it or not.

Fascinated by how our words can hold and harness so much power on a single page, I continued to write, discovering an inner world of knowledge and creativity. 

In exploring my wounds through writing, I began studying trauma and its effects on our bodies with the blend of both material (science and psychology) and the mystical, as a whole approach to healing: for one cannot be without the other.

Women are Self-Healers.
The medicine we are looking for is found in our pain. 

It takes enormous courage to allow ourselves to remember, to dive into the depths of what is deeply unfelt inside our bodies.

I believe that we are all self-healers— especially women, 
who were the first honored healers, mystics, witches, shamans, and medicine women of the world. Their roots of wisdom, knowledge, and sacrifice still runs in our blood, in our wombs, awaiting to be heard and found by you.



“we all have a deep desire to feel connected to something that feels close to how we felt in our mother’s womb, where for once we felt safe.”

a space for women to feel:

Write & Move to Heal.

Throughout my childhood, I struggled with perfectionism, anxiety and depression. I leaned upon my distraught mother as she suffered from domestic abuse, which left me feeling unworthy and undeserving of love. Many of these unresolved, emotional traumas manifested as tension around my heart, and created the distortion of my spine as scoliosis.

Writing became a refuge—a place where my feelings felt safe, seen and heard. It was a sacred place to undress my thoughts to feelings, a language to which we can truly heal from. I wrote to find my people— though in a strange way, who I truly found was myself. 

“Change depends on our capacity to experience emotions directly and deeply. This means finding a movement that is less about doing and more about feeling.”


Combining psychological and scientific research with deep spiritual understanding, created the inspiration for the Write & Move to Heal project, a space for women to tap intuitively into their own healing rituals.


Together, we can feel to heal collectively.

“Times of scarcity need to be met with generosity, times of fear with comfort, times of uncertainty with presence. When we care for those around us, we create a field of love.” -Thomas Hübl

"I wrote to find my people— though in a strange way, who I truly found was myself."

Movement (yoga) explores how we live and feel in our bodies.

Most of us are living outside our bodies because at some point in our lives, we felt “unsafe” being in our own bodies. 
Yoga is an ancient practice that takes us out of our minds and into our hearts. From here, we can learn how to move from a place of fear and resistance to creating a heart-centered space of living and breathing. 
When we shift our orientation from living in trauma to being somatically present, we recreate the connection back to ourselves, becoming the masters of our own ship. 

For the Wild Woman.

"I cannot be free, while any women is unfree, even if her shackles are different than my own."

Like many women who’ve become domesticated into the narratives of others, we’ve forgotten the voice of our own cries—a wild and instinctive force that is creative, powerful and divine. We are at a time where we need each other more than ever, to hold space in our hearts, to remind and remember who we are.
I believe that we are all connected in our traumas, and that “we are all walking each other home,” Ram Dass. The  journey begins through healing the collective of all wombmen, where we write and move from a place of Wilderness, into Wholeness. 

love, emyli