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Feeling grateful for so much in my life and blessed to live another year filled with my favorite people ❤️ #2022 ...

Today is our four-year anniversary, and I wanted to share our wedding film to commemorate the best day of my life.

I can’t believe it’s been 6 months, and people are still talking about how beautiful this day was for them. It brings me great warmth, knowing that our hearts will always be intimately connected with this dear memory.

There is a brief moment from this day that I will never forget. Sitting on the patio overlooking the ocean on the morning of my wedding, writing this letter to my soon-to-be husband (which became the intro for this mini film.)

I sat for a moment in stillness, listening to the gentle lull of the ocean waves, gazing upon the clouds drifting across the sky, creating the perfect canvas for this new chapter. I thought to myself, not only are we so lucky to witness such wonder on Earth, but also to be blessed with the ability to feel it all from within.

How lucky are we to be able to find love. When we allow ourselves to move with the world, we can find belongingness with one another. Even as two completely different beings, born from opposite parts of the world, somehow, the same gravity that moves the stars also guides us towards finding each other. 💫 That is truly magical.

Words simply cannot hold my love for you…..
Happy Anniversary.

Your Moon.


Thank you to @filmsbymadeleine for capturing this stunning mini film and to all of the amazing vendors (listed in comments) that supported me in creating our little dream wedding. ✨

Coming back to my movement practice lately hasn`t been easy.⁣
My body has changed so much in the past year. Together we have created and destroyed life, uncovered new dis-eases and done much therapy to heal them. Sometimes it feels hard to show up with these imperfections because it takes great courage to hold ourselves tenderly, moving through our pain.⁣

Meeting the body where it is today means finding comfort in the discomfort of our unsettling needs.⁣
It means accepting that we like nature are imperfect, and only in imperfection that growth is possible.⁣

Growth doesn`t always mean getting stronger, pushing forward, or breaking boundaries.⁣
Growth doesn`t always have to feel like you`re "expanding" at all— for our journey isn`t always linear, it`s more like a spiral.⁣
Sometimes we repeat the same wounded patterns and though it feels like we`ve become stagnant....⁣
the truth is we`re never really at the same place at all.⁣
We see it in the ebb and flow of our planet— how the death of one season creates the rebirth of the next.⁣

Sometimes it is also through the deepening and unfolding that expansion knows itself, for without breaks and gaps, nothing can grow and become. Like the moment a star implodes before it becomes a supernova.⁣

Every ending is a new beginning.⁣
That is growth, that is life.⁣

📸: @bydearstjaime⁣
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my happily ever forever….⁣
⁣ ⁣6.6.22 🤍⁣
📸: @lanadelmarphoto⁣⁣
🎥: reel by @peterlim_productions
venue: @botanicathevenue⁣⁣
dj: @dj_mojoe⁣⁣
officiant: @weddingsroyale⁣⁣
hair: @megdelacruzhair⁣⁣
makeup: @gladicemua⁣⁣
dress: @lovestbridalboutique⁣⁣
photobus: @happycamperphotobus⁣⁣
llamas: @sugarsweetfarm⁣⁣
floral: @hey.clementine.floral⁣⁣
furniture: @cedarandpineevents⁣⁣
coconuts: @coconutmanla

Many of you know me as a Cancerian; the cardinal sign ruled by the moon. Often described as sensitive, emotional, intuitive, nurturing, yet extremely crabby, clingy, and enigmatic in nature, with a tendency to withdraw inwardly at any time. ⁣

This has become the very nature of who I am, an "expert" in the ocean of emotion— understanding how things feel rather than what they are. ⁣
We do this by diving into the depths of what feels familiar and sensitive, tenderly guided by our "Mother" Moon, who always leads us to the heart of our nostalgias. ⁣

Cancerians are creatures of the sea but capable of walking the Earth, much like their ancestors did— like the ancient scarab, which was actually the symbolic entity of the Sun. So is it possible that there is more to our soul`s blueprint that we have yet to uncover? Is moving towards the Sun, rather than the moon, more towards the direction of our highest truth? ⁣

We`re also born with `ascending` and `moon` signs, though not many of us have been taught to pay attention to them. For example, my ascending sign is in Sagittarius, and my moon in Libra: both fire and air elements— an uncharted territory I`ve never dared to cross. For most of my life, I`ve learned to become the master of my "crabby" pants, though I`ve always felt something is still missing. ⁣

Perhaps these are the parts of us that we`re meant to fully embody and experience to know ourselves more deeply. While your zodiac may dictate who you were when you were born, there is also the possibility that the alignment of the entire cosmos reveals who you`re destined to become. ⁣

Though my love and longing for the ocean breeze and seas will never change, it is time to walk upon the Earth`s shores, towards the direction of the Sun, the truth, and the "unknown."⁣

Sending you waves of love,⁣
🌊 🦀⁣

📸: @bydearstjaime
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